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A question...

Does anyone know why on the Dvd cover and movie poster, Laura Brown and Virginia Woolf are beside eachother and Clarissa Vaughan is on the other side on her own?

Is there a meaning, or am I reading to much into this?


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The Hours


Im new to Livejournal. I am 15, and I first read the book by Micheal Cunningham, it was amazing. I loved how he mirrored the writing style of Woolf.

I loved the film, it done the book justice.

My favourite is Laura Brown, the ending was very sad, I dont think she is a monster.

Micheal Cunningham wrote a great novel. What are his other two like, Specimen and A Home at the End of the World?

Please message back, read my journal if you like.

Any idea...

Where I can find some good The Hours fanfic?

I've exhausted the search engine on fanfiction.net

Feb. 7th, 2009

[01-15] music (emily haines, the raveonettes, cat power, nico)
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[78-88] the hours
[89-99] banners (house, jennifer morrison)


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you know you love her...

Dec. 15th, 2008

[01-30] House/Cameron (s1-5)
[31-48] misc. House (s1-5)
[49-52] Torchwood (2x13. Exit Wounds)
[53-63] Lost in Translation
[64-72] The Hours

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Way back when, I posted the original edit of the kiss between Vanessa and Virginia. Did anyone happen to download that clip and if so, can you post it?